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Corporate Governance

Oryx Petroleum believes that strong corporate governance is essential to creating shareholder value, maintaining investor and stakeholder confidence, and conducting business effectively.
Management of Oryx Petroleum and its business, and the supervision of such management by the Board, is undertaken in accordance with the Canada Business Corporations Act and the following constating documents:
Articles of Incorporation
Amended and Restated By-Law Number 1†
Majority Voting Policy 


There is clear separation of the roles of the Chairman, the Lead Independent Director and the Chief Executive Officer to ensure an appropriate balance of responsibility and accountability.

Chairman. The Chairman is responsible for the effective running of the Board, ensuring that the Board plays a full and constructive part in the development and determination of our strategy, and acts as guardian and facilitator of the Board's decision-making process. 


Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for managing Oryx Petroleum`s business, proposing and developing the company`s strategy and overall commercial objectives in consultation with the Board and, as leader of the executive team, implementing the decisions of the Board and its Committees. In addition, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for maintaining regular dialogue with shareholders as part of Oryx Petroleum`s overall investor relations program. 


Lead Independent Director. The Lead Independent Director acts in a leadership role facilitating the functioning of the Board independently of management and providing independent leadership to the Board as required.


See the Charter of the Board of Directors for further information regarding the roles of the Chairman and the Lead Independent Director.

† Includes provisions relating to the required advance notice of nominations of directors