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Oryx Petroleum Corporation Limited Announces Exercise of First Stage Investor Options

17 June 2013

Oryx Petroleum Corporation Limited (“Oryx Petroleum” or the “Corporation”) (TSX: OXC) today
announces that all of the OXC options issued pursuant to the Pre-IPO Transactions (the “OXC
Options”) have been exercised, which resulted in the issuance by the Corporation of 1,131,349
common shares of the Corporation at a price of approximately US$9.29 per common share.


All of the OXC Options were held by directors, executive officers or employees of Oryx
Petroleum, or by directors of The Addax & Oryx Group Limited. The Corporation received
US$10.5 million in proceeds from the exercise of the OXC Options. After giving effect to the
exercise of the OXC Options, the directors and executive officers of Oryx Petroleum own
approximately 4.4% of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Corporation
(approximately 4.6% of the common shares of the Corporation on a fully diluted basis).


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